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Dotting i‘s and Crossing t’s.

Urgent Care Providers and facilities are concerned about maintaining compliance in all coding and RCM activities. We understand the importance of urgent care compliance, as well as the unnecessary repercussions that can result when requirements aren’t met.

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Data Utilization &
Revolutionary Dashboards

There’s nothing simple about interpreting performance data for Urgent Care facilities, but we’re pleased to say that we have the technology and experience needed to give your organization an advantage. Our custom dashboards are hand-crafted by in-house RCM experts—delivering detailed insight into how your business is performing.

Don’t miss a beat
with our proven workflow.

From check-in to check-out, we have you covered. Enjoy the data-driven services and technology solutions that will make your Urgent Care tick—and not miss a beat.

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Are you ready?

Ready to improve RCM performance?

Proof Is In the Numbers

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“We needed a partner to provide end-to-end revenue cycle management services for our multiple Urgent Care Centers. Our custom dashboards have allowed us to not miss a beat by having the information we need at our finger-tips to make big picture business decisions.”

Meet a Phoenix
Urgent Care RCM Specialist

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“I enjoy helping patients and providers navigate and understand the insurance world while remaining compliant.”

Stacey Friese, CPC / Revenue Cycle Management Specialist
Joined Phoenix in 2014

Urgent care workflow
performance has never been better!

Secure Data In The Cloud

Check patient eligibility in real time and choose the option to send out patient statements electronically or by mail. Patient portal allows helps facilitate workflow and keeps your patients feeling in control of their own care.

Mobile Friendly

Enter charges and prescribe on the move and capture images and import directly into charts. Check your schedule from anywhere and capture copay information conveniently.

Single Platform

One integrated system that contains all scheduling, billing and clinical records to increase efficiency. 100’s of Pre-loaded urgent care templates with the ability to customize and meet the unique provider needs and administrative staff workflow.

Expert Insight

Technology is a great tool but personal hands-on insight from your dedicated RCM team provide the invaluable feedback to improve processes and overall financial performance.

It Makes Sense

Our Integrated RCM for Urgent Care makes sense. Here’s why:

Payer Enrollment Management

Creating and maintaining relationships with payers is critical to the success of any urgent care practice. Our dedicated payer enrollment team navigates and manages your individual or group enrollment to avoid costly delays. We have the experience and knowledge to proactively help your urgent care practice manage contracts, protect revenue streams, and stop delays in cash flow. Learn More

Revenue Performance Dashboards

Healthcare data, particularly clinical, payer enrollment, and billing data, is complex and difficult to interpret. Bring your data to life with our tight-loop, industry-leading business intelligence tools that display, interpret, and share your data to make informed business decisions. Learn More

Consulting and Analytics

As a true partner delivering performance-related results, our service fee includes extensive tools to develop and optimize revenue cycle workflows for financial performance improvements. Practice and provider focused data tracking models blended with your own custom KPIs provide critical insight into your practice’s performance, enabling you to make informed decisions. Learn More

We Value Partnerships

While the competition is basking in their victories, we’re busy focusing on the industry we serve, building our technological foundation, and improving our customer service skills. Experience unmatched results and a true sense of partnership when working with the Phoenix Healthcare Services team.

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A Simple Transition

The thought of transitioning to a new RCM model makes some practices very nervous. We sympathize with your concerns, and that’s why we have a team of Systems Implementation Specialists in place to help navigate you through the process. When you join us, you’re taken care of every step of the way.

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