Our Dashboard Up Close

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UFH Scorecard

Why we built it.
With increased financial responsibility shifting towards the patient, we wanted to create a dashboard that illustrated the financial responsibility and collection rates between patient and insurance. What plans are high on the patient responsibility and are you collecting these balances? Are these plans returning patients and what is the Return Patient Visit (RPV) ratio? All key KPI’s that help the good and the not so good plans to accept. Lastly, to add something extra we added a modifier chart to help any easily identify any modifier utilization. Just because we could!

Who’s it for.
Physicians, Urgent Care, Telehealth, Therapy, Behavioral Health, Mid-levels, Wound Care, Laboratories.


  • Days to collect.
  • Select by facility or combine.

Add additional drill down to patient responsibility such as copay, deductible, coinsurance, self-pay and any other responsibility type you wish.