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Giving Back

Our team consists of compassionate and caring individuals. As a leader in our industry, we have a responsibility that can’t be taken lightly. Not only do we provide unequaled service to our customers, but we serve our community with the same level of passion. We work hard to inspire and encourage our team to serve their community by adding as much value as possible.

We’re Social

Phoenix has partnered with Forward It On, a cloud-based platform designed to build an ecosystem around corporations, employees and non-profits to drive workforce giving and cultural initiatives. Forward It On’s technology platform enables Phoenix to offer our team an easy way to support their favorite charities through payroll giving.

Community Education

Since 2009, Phoenix Healthcare Services has partnered with medical coding and billing schools. Students learn hands-on coding, billing, compliance and revenue management skills for various specialties. Upon graduation students are either offered positions with Phoenix Healthcare Services or have been recommended to companies resulting in employment.

What some of our past
students are saying.

testimonial stars

“My internship at Phoenix was the highlight of my education. Through patient guidance and gradual independence, I learned how medical billing works and all the pieces necessary for claims to be paid. Excellent instruction and constant support made all the difference. The office was a comfortable and professionally nurturing workplace where I felt a valued staff member. Overall, it was a wonderful learning experience.”

“I can’t say enough about my experience at Phoenix, and was so happy to have my internship there. My trainer was incredible, and she was always there when I needed her. It was very extensive and rewarding; and when I completed my externship, I felt a sense of accomplishment and will definitely use what I have learned in my medical billing and coding career. I couldn’t have had a better trainer with her extensive knowledge an expertise.”

“I couldn’t have expected to enjoy and learn any more than I did during my internship at Phoenix HCS. My trainer was awesome and every team member was always approachable that made me feel comfortable. The passion at the office was so infectious I pushed myself to excel to get a full-time position. Gladly I was offered employment, happily accepted and now being a part of something I love.”

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