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    Become a data-driven laboratory.

Bring Your Data to Life

The laboratory division of Phoenix Healthcare Services is dedicated exclusively to labs and their billing needs. We have the dashboards, experts, and solutions available to help you outperform your competitors and become the data-driven organization you’ve always aspired to be.

Connect and Empower Your Team

Teams need access to comprehensive data to make fast, informed decisions. Our simple, custom-designed mobile dashboards will expose referral opportunities, inspire team member collaboration, and influence a proactive environment.

Begins with Accurate Data

Accuracy is one of the most significant laboratory revenue cycle management challenges. Without accurate data, your lab will experience inefficiencies that will result in sample net losses. Our intelligent dashboards will help you avoid unnecessary write-offs. Moreover, our lab RCM experts will help increase coverage discovery, confirm patient activity levels, boost the probability of payments, and much more.

Labs We Serve

  • Toxicology
  • PGx
  • Women’s Health
  • Allergy
  • CGx
  • Molecular

Is In the Numbers

Reduction in Denials


Billed Turn Around

24 Hours

Clean Claims Rate


State Coverage

50 States

6 Reasons

Laboratory Payer Enrollment Matters

We understand all-too-well how complicated laboratory payer enrollment can get.
Download our free PDF— let us be your payer enrollment champion.



“The team at Phoenix Healthcare Services has been amazing. They view our relationship as a partnership, not simply as a client. Their transparency and guidance throughout the billing process have allowed us to make improvements to our processes that will continue to pay off in the long run.”

Toxicology Management Company, CAValued client since 2017

It Makes Sense

Our Integrated RCM for Laboratories makes sense. Here’s why:

Payer Enrollment Management

Creating and maintaining relationships with payers is critical to the success of any lab. Our dedicated payer enrollment team navigates and manages your individual or group enrollment to avoid costly delays. We have the experience and knowledge to proactively help your lab manage contracts, protect revenue streams, and stop delays in cash flow. Learn More

Revenue Performance Dashboards

Healthcare data, particularly clinical, payer enrollment, and billing data, is complex and difficult to interpret. Bring your data to life with our tight-loop, industry-leading business intelligence tools that display, interpret, and share your data to make informed business decisions. Learn More

Consulting and Analytics

As a true partner delivering performance-related results, our service fee includes extensive tools to develop and optimize revenue cycle workflows for financial performance improvements. Practice and provider focused data tracking models blended with your own custom KPIs provide critical insight into your practice’s performance, enabling you to make informed decisions. Learn More

Ready to improve
your Revenue Cycle Performance?

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Fast, Easy Integration.

Eliminate integration complexity with our fully flexible platform.
Built to be reliable and scalable to deliver faster and easier Laboratory Information Management Systems workflow.

Meet a Phoenix
Laboratory Specialist

“Laboratory RCM data flow is complicated and payer requirements are constantly changing. By successfully managing claims from all 50 states our dedicated laboratory team has developed a streamlined process to maximize efficiency and improve our clients’ overall financial performance.”

Alison Page / Laboratory RCM Specialist
Team member since 2016

Why Data Matters

Why are we so obsessed with data? Maybe it’s because we’ve spent the better part of a decade utilizing data in ways to help healthcare organizations stand out from the competition. In our world, data absolutely matters.

Partnerships Matter

While the competition is basking in their victories, we’re busy focusing on the industry we serve, building our technological foundation, and improving our customer service skills. Experience unmatched results and a true sense of partnership when working with the Phoenix Healthcare Services team.

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