Our Story

In 2008, we set out to change the world of Revenue Cycle Management. We started as a medical billing company, and have since evolved as an integrated data-driven RCM solution for physicians, laboratories, therapists, and other healthcare-related professionals. We didn’t stop there as we wanted to continue to stand out from the crowd and provide all our clients propriety custom system agnostic performance dashboards.

With a 100 percent client satisfaction history, 5,000+ payer enrollment track record across all 50 states, and a 98 percent clean claim rate, we’re confident that we can help any healthcare organization improve their bottom line and outshine the competition.

What We Do Today

We have grown to be a nationally recognized integrated revenue cycle management company providing data-driven technology solutions to improve business performance.

We specialize in:




& Auditing

& Analytics

We Save Clients Money

Our team of highly skilled experts saves clients an average of four to 10 percent in operational costs while increasing collections by up to 30 percent. We do this by applying our proprietary data-driven Revenue Cycle Management technology and partnership methodology. As a result, we have even raised industry standards. Did we mention that we’ve retained 98 percent of our clients and maintained a 100 percent client-satisfaction score! Our pricing models are equally simple, competitive, and completely transparent.

4 to 10 Percent

Save as much as 10% in operational costs.

30 Percent

Increase collection as much as 30%.

98 Percent

We’ve retained 98% of our clients.

100 Percent

We’ve maintained 100% client satisfaction

Who We Serve Today

We currently have three U.S. based offices, 16 specialties, and we serve private organizations, government agencies, single providers, and 400 plus organizations.

Meet Our Founder

An entrepreneur with an uncompromising work ethic, Peter Scott founded Phoenix in 2008. Under Peter’s leadership, the company has experienced exponential growth, built valuable partnerships and innovated to improve client’s Revenue Cycle Management performance.

Overseeing and investing in a highly skilled team, Peter has fostered a corporate culture of professionalism, respect, responsiveness, competence, and empathy. This has resulted in exemplary customer service that has year-after-year won the praise of clients as well as results that surpass industry standards.

A native of Penzance, England, Peter attended Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania and graduated with honors from the United Kingdom’s acclaimed University of Gloucestershire.

Peter and his wife, Jaime call Spring Hill, Tennessee home. They are very happy to be part of this community and feel it is a wonderful place to live and raise their two daughters. In his free time, Peter is Chairman of the Board for a non-profit called: “Forward It On,” and enjoys playing tennis.

Peter is also a die-hard Arsenal soccer club fan.

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