6 Tips Data Driven Organization 4 1

6 Tips for Building a Data Driven Organization

UPDATED (12-25-2020) – The following six tips stem from over a decade of collaborations with hundreds of organizations that we’ve helped in becoming sustainable, data-driven entities.

Our Dashboard Story 2

Good to Great: Our Dashboard Story

UPDATED (12-25-2020) – There are good companies, and then there are great ones. We’ve always strived for greatness—setting ridiculously huge goals and putting our clients’ needs before our own …

5 Ways We Stand Out Slider

5 Reasons Our Lab RCM Services Stand Out

UPDATED (12-25-2020) – The medical billing industry is without a doubt one of the most overly-saturated industries there is. We’re here to show you how we stand out from the rest.

Telehealth Main Image

Telehealth: A Worthy Addition to Your Practice

UPDATED (12-25-2020) – Telehealth is a way for patients to connect with a physician outside of their office. Here’s why we think Telehealth is a good investment for your practice.

5 Useful tips for negotiating with Payers

5 Useful Tips for Negotiating Rates with Payers [Infographic]

UPDATED (12-25-2020) – Negotiating with Goliath-sized payers can be an intimidating experience for a Healthcare organization. But being small has it’s advantages too.

5 Tips Maximaize Your Payer Enrollment

5 Tips to Maximize Payer Enrollment [Infographic]

UPDATED (12-25-2020) – Payer enrollment can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Experienced medical staffing professionals understand that credentialed providers …

5 Ways to Improve RCM 4

5 Ways to Improve Revenue Cycle Management [Infographic]

UPDATED (12-25-2020) – Interested in taking your revenue cycle management systems to another level? Great! Here are 5 ways to improve your RCM efforts, and ultimately, your bottom line.