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5 Reasons Our Lab RCM Services Stand Out

UPDATED (12-25-2020) – The medical billing industry is without a doubt one of the most overly-saturated industries there is. One could imagine that it would be a monumental endeavor to own this space, and to a degree, they would be right. But it’s easy for Phoenix Healthcare Services to stand out amidst the chaos because we provide lab-specific RCM services that are nearly non-existent in today’s medical billing world.

So, the big question is; how exactly are we different from other RCM providers?

Well, we’re happy to tell you.

Ways We Stand Out

1. We Specialize in Lab RCM Services

We have a versatile team of billing specialists that are exclusively dedicated to laboratories and their billing needs.

2. We Have Hand-Crafted Laboratory Dashboards

Discover golden nuggets of data, make smarter decisions, empower your team, and ultimately, improve your bottom line with our next-level dashboard technologies.

3. We’re All About Accuracy

We understand that accuracy is one of the most significant laboratory RCM challenges. Our custom dashboards will help your organization avoid unnecessary write-offs and sample net losses while helping to increase coverage discovery, confirm patient activity levels, and boost probability of payments.

4. We Serve a Multitude of Labs

We’re not kidding when we say we specialize in laboratory RCM. We serve CGx, PGx, allergy, molecular, toxicology, and women’s health labs.

5. We Have an In-House Payer Enrollment Team

We don’t outsource anything. We have a dedicated lab payer enrollment team that will help you navigate and manage your individual or group enrollment to avoid costly delays, manage contracts, protect revenue streams, and stop delays in cash flow.

Happy Clients

It’s easy to toot our own horn, so here’s a testimonial from one of our happy clients:

“The team at Phoenix Healthcare Services has been amazing. They view our relationship as a partnership, not simply as a client. Their transparency and guidance throughout the billing process have allowed us to make improvements to our processes that will continue to pay off in the long run.” – Valued client since 2017

Meet Our Laboratory Specialist

Alison Blog 3

“Laboratory RCM data flow is complicated and payer requirements are constantly changing. By successfully managing claims from all 50 states our dedicated laboratory team has developed a streamlined process to maximize efficiency and improve our clients’ overall financial performance.”

Alison Page / Laboratory RCM Specialist
Team member since 2016

In 2008, we set out to change the world of Revenue Cycle Management. With a 100 percent client satisfaction history, 5,000+ payer enrollment track record across all 50 states, and a 98 percent clean claim rate, we’re confident that we can help any laboratory improve their bottom line and outshine the competition. To schedule a demo, click here, select a day and time that works for you, and prepare to take your lab’s RCM to the next level!