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Healthcare of the Future

Payer enrollment and reimbursement is one of the most common obstacles to successful telehealth adoption. Whether you are a “brick and mortar” practice wanting to expand your outreach to a virtual location, or a new stand-alone virtual organization we are here to make sure you are prepared and ready to become a data-driven virtual healthcare company.

Don’t Go At It Alone

Getting reimbursed for telehealth services can be tricky. The reimbursement guidelines vary greatly based on the payer and are constantly changing with reams red tape to navigate through. Our experienced payer enrollment team will take care of specific telehealth enrollment where it’s perfectly displayed on your own custom telehealth enrollment status dashboard.

Advanced Performance Tracking

Tie all your data together and create meaningful and insightful interactive dashboards specifically built for your telemedicine practice. Better that – connect to other data silos to digest further insight and really know how your whole healthcare organization is performing.

Welcome to 2018 Healthcare!

Communication is everything.

We Value Partnerships

While the competition is gloating in their victories, we’re busy focusing on the industry we serve, building our technological foundation, and improving our customer service skills. Experience unmatched results and a true sense of partnership when working with the Phoenix Healthcare Services team.

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