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Extensive Tools for Optimization
& Performance

Our service fee includes hands-on, extensive tools to develop and optimize revenue cycle workflows for financial performance improvements.

Data-Driven Consulting at it’s Finest

The only way to improve revenue cycle performance is by providing a proven integrated data-driven solution, something our competitors don’t do. We are constantly improving workflows, interpreting data and displayed it in a way that allows our RCM experts and your team to collaborate together and make informed business decisions.

Delivering Peace of Mind

Our managed services shoulder the burden of updating everything from regulatory changes to modifications to CPT codes, fee schedules, and fluctuations in claim adjudication methods. Our “finger on the pulse” model allows us to understand the latest policies and incorporate them into our solutions, allowing you to focus on business.

Understanding Data

Technology changed the way we consult to provide quantitative and qualitative feedback and actionable deliverables. Our business intelligence and analytics technology facilitate an understanding of how your organization functions, identifies gaps in performance, and measures improvements.

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“Transitioning to Phoenix Healthcare Services was one of the best decisions we made. Before we had to waste time managing multiple vendors and now with Phoenix we can relax and concentrate on what we love doing most and that’s treating patients.”

Family Medicine, Mesa, AZValued client since 2015

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medical billing management
medical billing management

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“We value each and every one of our clients and are truly passionate and committed improving our clients RCM performance.”

Beth Bellemare, CPC, CPMA, CMRS
Director of Operations
Joined Phoenix in 2008

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