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    Phoenix Healthcare Services Integrated data-driven suite of reimbursement and revenue-cycle
    management solutions for physician practices gives you the tools you need to maintain your strong
    financial position despite the ongoing and fresh challenges.

Eliminate uncertainty over your practice’s financial status.

New value-based reimbursement models, more stringent clinical documentation requirements and changing coding rules challenge your ability to sustain a sufficient cash flow. Our solutions simplify, automate and transform your practice’s reimbursement and revenue-cycle functions. We assist you with transparent professional fee schedules, insurance determinations, upfront collection of co-pays, claims submission and management, billing and collections, lockbox and deposit reconsolidation and online patient payments.

Success in partnering together.

For your practice to succeed a proactive insightful RCM service is vital to maximize financial performance. With built in claim edits and rules, your dedicated RCM team are passionate about getting the claim paid correctly the first submission. With payer guideline and regulation constantly changing, when we identify areas for improvement from coding to documentation requirements and referral to authorization workflow we provide valuable feedback with education and training tools to eliminate the same error from re-occurring. This partnership approach has enabled us to partner with 100’s of happy clients running a successful practice’s.

Identify outliers and proactively act on them.

Save time and expense by having all your key data in one system. Doing so will allow you to conveniently see your data in custom dashboards to identify and track important outliers for your practice. Based on your practice’s specific and unique needs, our compliance dashboards are designed to easily identify possible problems. Such as evaluation and management (E&M) outliers is just one example your compliance team can use as a part of your active compliance program.



“Our collection rates have never been so great. Thank you, Phoenix for taking such great care of us! Five stars.”

Pediatric Practice, Memphis, TNValued client since 2011

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“With over 20 years of experience I enjoy every day working with front office staff, managers, physicians, and leadership staff. Sharing valuable feedback on how to improve the claim lifecycle and maximize reimbursement in a compliant way.”

Traci Monix, CMRS
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Joined Phoenix in 2012

Physicians workflow
performance has never been better!

Secure Data In The Cloud

Check patient eligibility in real time and choose the option to send out patient statements electronically or by mail. Patient portal allows helps facilitate workflow and keeps your patients feeling in control of their own care.

Mobile Friendly

Enter charges on the move and capture images and import directly into charts. Check your schedule from anywhere and capture copay information conveniently.

Single Platform

One integrated system that contains all scheduling, billing and clinical records to increase efficiency. 100’s of Pre-loaded templates with the ability to customize and meet the unique provider needs and administrative staff workflow.

Expert Insight

Technology is a great tool but personal hands-on insight from your dedicated RCM team provide the invaluable feedback to improve processes and overall financial performance.

Why Our Integrated RCM
for Physicians Makes Sense!

Payer Enrollment Management

Creating and building relationships with payers is critical to the success of any physician or practice. Our dedicated payer enrollment team navigates and manages your individual or group enrollment to avoid costly delays. Our experience and knowledge for multi-state facilities is critical for strategic growth and proactively managing contracts, protecting revenue streams and stopping delays in cash flow. Learn More

Revenue Performance Dashboards

Healthcare data, particularly clinical, payer enrollment, and billing data, is complex and difficult to interpret. Bring your data to life with our tight-loop, industry-leading business intelligence tools that display, interpret, and share your data to make informed business decisions. Learn More

Consulting and Analytics

As a true partner delivering performance-related results, our service fee includes extensive tools to develop and optimize revenue cycle workflows for financial performance improvements. Practice and provider focused data tracking models blended with your own custom KPIs provide critical insight into your practice’s performance, enabling you to make informed decisions. Learn More

A true partner. Not a vendor.

Phoenix Healthcare Services is a proven partner in enabling healthcare organizations and providers to gain a competitive edge with an advanced technological foundation and best-in-class level of customer service. Because we’re focused on the industry we serve and constantly investing in new technology, you’ll experience unmatched results and a true sense of partnership with us. Pricing models are based on our performance. They are simple, competitive, and completely transparent.

Transition is easier than you think!

Some practice’s are nervous to convert from in-house operations or outsourced revenue cycle management companies. Our dedicated team of Systems Implementation Specialists navigates you through the transition, systematically reviewing current data and developing a comprehensive plan. When you join us, you’re added to the list of our valued clients with 100% satisfaction.