Our Dashboard Up Close

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UHC Enrollment

Why we built it.
Payer enrollment data is a critical piece to a high performing RCM, but most (99.9%) companies are still in the dark ages. We wanted to leave behind the industry standard outdated spreadsheets and flat PDFs and create modern and fresh and custom dashboards presented in real time, displaying transparent updates in an interactive way for any user to easily understand.

Who’s it for.
Physicians, Urgent Care, Telehealth, Therapy, Behavioral Health, Mid-levels, Wound Care, Laboratories.


  • Select by State, department or specialty or even multiple tax id numbers to see up-to-date enrollment status.
  • Easily identify if there are any problems with payers.
  • Know if you are in or out of network down to the plan level to accurately collect COB data.

Connect to practice management payment data.