Our Dashboard Up Close

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SE Diagnostics Denial Dashboard

Why we built it.
Denials happen. They just do. Until now there was no denial management tool that could analyze both electronic (ERA) denials but also paper (EOB) denials and drill down to specific groups. Our technology solution is paramount but in addition, we apply our RCM specialists skills to verify whether the claim is a true denial and categorized correctly. Our denial dashboards deliver a complete 360-degree view of all of the denials and therefore able to easily find the root cause, diagnose and apply corrective measures to stop the leak in cash-flow and revenues.

Who’s it for.

  • Any speciality
  • CFO’s, RCM managers, sales groups, referral sources.


  • Analyze both electronic and paper remittances.
  • Drill down into specific groups and easily share only their data.
  • Create specific denial groups
  • Link back to the LIMS/LIS or EMR


  • Display additional KPI’s including claim and enrollment data.